Imagine what you say about your body when you don't recognise it as yours. You'd probably be a lot nicer to yourself. That's why Dove introduces 'The Real Compliment': an experiment in which you give yourself the biggest compliment of all. 

*This is a concept idea 
We open in an empty studio, softly lit with anticipation.

VO: In a world where insecurities overshadow kindness, offering compliments can be challenging. So we encouraged a group of woman to give the best compliments. 
Cut to different shots of women individually entering the studio. They wear basic-colored underwear, looking a bit nervous. The photographer encourages and guides the women through their poses, emphasizing their natural beauty.
VO: While they’re working their best poses, a team of designers worked their magic to make the pictures unrecognizable for the women without altering their bodies.   
Transition to behind-the-scenes footage, where a team of designers are editing the photos. They alter background, lingerie colors and crop the photo's into smaller pictures.
VO: Then the woman got the task of complimenting each others photo's. 
Cut to the women as they receive a new task: complimenting the photos so everybody goes home with some nice compliments at the end of the day. A woman looks at a tablet with the photos and gives heartfelt compliments. Unaware that her own photos are hidden within the mix.
VO: So, at the end of the day, everybody will go home with a bunch of compliments. 
We see a woman walking into a room with a big screen. She sits down and watches a video compilation of compliment. receives all the compliments. 
VO: Little did they know, among the kind words was the most powerful compliment of all. The compliment they gave without realizing... to themselves.​​​​​​​
As she receives the compliments, her expressions turn from surprise to realization. The camera zooms in on her face as she hears her own voice complimenting herself. ​​​​​​​
VO: Because the best compliment you can get is the one you give yourself. 
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