In 2019, people forgot about the refugee problem in Lesbos. Luckily, there is a loophole in the story of old news… Ever notice how magazines get away with endlessly talking about the same topics? Well, we did. And we used it to our advantage with the Glamoria: a satirical glossy magazine about Moria (the biggest refugee camp on Lesbos). 
We advertised for the hottest products of Moria

1. Carton boards to isolate your tent 
2. Blankets against hypothermia, to use as a gurney and to create a bit more privacy
3. 1,5 liters of water for one day of cooking, washing and drinking 
4. Pallets to create a DIY tent 
5. Musquito net against snakes, rats and scorpio's ​​​​​​​
Did you know...

About 18% of the children are travelling solo or
seperated from their parents 
According to Doctors Without Borders, 72 people
have to share one working toilet 
1 in 4 children tries to self-harm in refugee camps

According to Docters Without Borders, 84 people
have to share one working shower.
People in Moria wake up at 04:00 to make sure they 
can get 1,5 L of water at 08:00. Which is especially hard
for people that are sick or disabled.

There is 1 official doctor is the camp for over 7.000 refugees 
Columns / interviews with celebrities and a Syrian photographER 
Tosti Creative, Amnesty International, Sacha de Boer (cover)
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