Education is vital for a healthy life, but still many girls can't go to school. So we used the symbol for education as a tool to create awareness for this problem. 
Just B are pencils made by moms from all over the world that provide for their daughters' education by making these pencils. You get a box of pencils - they can send their daughters to school. Plus, you create awareness for girls education when you write,  draw or doodle with a Just B pencil. Let's just call it a win-win-win. 
Don't put them in the same box. 
Just B pencils come in three different boxes. The Ethiopian box, the South-Sudan box and the Ghana box. Every box - and its pencils - have their own design based on tribe patters from these countries. So if you buy the Ethiopian box, you'll get the full package: made by Ethiopian moms with Ethiopian inspired design. 
Cathrine Agerbo Aagaard
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