Because of social media, the pressure on young people grew bigger and bigger—without them realizing how easy it is to create a fake life online. So we showed them. By creating Nykkie van Zessen, a girl who shared her fabulous life on Instagram and 'casually' became an influencer.
1. We created Nykkie's account

2. We took a few thousand pictures
3. We made her live her best life online

 Within 12 weeks, our self-created persona had over 10,000 followers. Brands started asking to collaborate while girls asked for fashion advice. Not so slowly but surely, Nykkie became an influencer.
After 12 weeks, we revealed the truth behind Nykkie in the documentary 'Behind the Filter', which showed how easily we created a fake influencer in 12 weeks. 
We documented every step of the way, including how we condensed two weeks of content creation into a single day, how we hustled with suitcases packed with all her cute outfits, how we ran around Amsterdam to visit the hottest spots, and how 'Nykkie' changed over 15 times a day in restaurant toilets and park bushes. But we also showed how we elevated her Instagram presence through constant activity—engaging with everyone and everything. 

With 80,000+ views on YouTube and lots of media attention,
Nykkie was one of the most written about 'influencers' in her time.
Anne Rieter, Roos Huisman, Michiel Raymakers, Charlotte Wouters and Laurence Rosweide
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