Collecting plastic, but make it fashion.
That's what the Burberry Throw Out collection is all about. 
Burberry introduces the Throw Out collection - entirely made from reused and recycled plastic. 
Since fashion is a movement, feel free to join in:
1. Collect plastic 
2. Make an appointment with the Burberry Trash Truck that drives around big cities 
3. Receive a discount voucher for the Throw Out collection after the pick-up 
So, you improve the world and your wardrobe at the same time. How's that for a win-win. 
Burberry introduces the plastic-free store, where real models show the Throw Out collection. Which makes mannequins redundant, and gives the feeling you shop at a Burberry runway. 
Fancy an item? Take a picture of the model in the Burberry app, pick your eye-catcher and add it to the fitting room. 
Cathrine Agerbo Aagaard
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